The Life Cycle of a Blogging “Guru”

30 Days To X recently published a post on reasons not to join a master-mind group. It got me thinking about a pattern I’ve seen among other blogs several times. I left a comment on his post, and figured I’d put it on my own blog:

1) You come across an interesting blog. The blogger has a unique perspective on life or some aspect of it, or some career field. You can learn a lot from them, and enjoy their posts.
2) The blogger starts to grow an audience.
3) Rather than continue to grow personally, (and you grow along with him), the blogger resorts to writing content to the new audience, that keeps growing. New readers comment as if this is the most insightful thing they’ve ever heard; you consider the content about a skill level between tying your shoes and not getting your dick caught in your zipper.
4) The blogger publishes a book (self or traditional; doesn’t matter)
5) The blogger starts a podcast, which is usually a rehash of old blog posts.
6) The blogger then starts selling multi-hundred dollar to thousand some dollar “courses” and $45 a month or more “master mind” groups.
7) Every blog post is either a kindergarten level overview of the blogger’s content written to a new audience, a sales pitch for said “master mind” group or “courses”, testimonials from group or courses, or teases for group or courses. Or “I so LOVE writing this blog post from a Starbucks in Bangkok! You should too!”
8) After getting several “<your name>, I can’t BELIVE YOU HAVEN’T JOINED MY $45,000 <how not to get your dick caught in your zipper> course!” emails, you move on. Nothing left to see here.

I’ve seen this pattern repeat several times on blogs I’ve read over the years. You might call it “jumping the shark”. I’m happy for the blogger for finding success, but as a reader, I’m no longer the target audience and it’s time to move on by step 8.

This cycle can take a blogger up to a decade. In a recent case, the guy released a book just last year, and already is selling spots in his “Master Mind” group.

I can think of one blogger in particular, whom I have followed for about 10 years, that only in the last few months has grown almost intolerable with trying to sell his “courses”. Even after 10 years, he was still posting good content just a few months ago, until he entirely converted to rehashing old ideas and trying to sell his “courses”. He used to say he gave “98%” of his material away for free, but now he seems to do nothing but rehash old content, sell courses, or post testimonials.

One example I used on my old blog is Michael Hyatt. (You may have to scroll to the bottom of the landing page to click “Blog”). I first came across him in 2004 when he was with Thomas Nelson. I think by that time, he was President and CEO. At that point, he was posting VERY useful content. I thought “Great! Here is a Christian man who is a successful businessman, posting content that is very helpful to me!”. I read his blog for years. Then, suddenly, the cycle I documented above began to happen. He grew an audience. Then he quit Thomas Nelson for a speaking career. Then it was all about recycling old blog content, or writing at about a Kindergarten level. He started a podcast, which I listened to at first, but it was only a rehash of old blog posts. Plus TONS of commercials, which I’d heard before.

(NOTE: It drives me nuts in podcasts to have to listen to the same thing over and over again. “Boilerplate” is for the newbies, but if you want me to stick around, CUT IT THE HECK OUT!).

I still check his blog from time to time, because he occasionally posts something useful. But I long since cut off his RSS feed and unsubscribed from his emails, although every time he launches a new “course”, I get several emails over 3-5 days trying to get me to buy.

He’s not the only case.

But there are bloggers I’ve followed relentlessly over the years. Vox Day is one example. He’s very successful and intelligent (151 IQ), but he continues to grow and doesn’t try to sell the hell out of you. Sure, he runs Castalia House, and I’ve bought tons of their books, but he keeps growing and I learn from that growth, and I grow along with him. And the majority of the commenters on his blog are people I can learn from and grow with. He mercilessly takes care of the trolls and gammas. His growth challenges me. I bought his book “Return of the Great Depression” when it was first released in 2009. For the most part, the book was over my head, but I learned and put pieces together as I went along. Then, when he started writing about “game”, little of it made sense, but I learned from it. I’m convinced that what I learned about game from Vox and branched out into was instrumental in getting through my divorce, meeting my current wife, and having a much better marriage.

But so many others seem too tempted to the great riches. They stop feeding the audience that made them big in the first place. And that audience moves on. I guess if I could find an audience that would pay me for nuggets of wisdom that amount to “A,B,C,D,E,F,G…” my life would be better.

Hell, even John Maxwell has turned into a Mastermind Group selling troll.

Someday, I probably will start collecting email addresses. But I promise, I’ll provide value for it. That’s who I am. I’ve been blogging since 2004, and haven’t yet figured out a topic I should stick to,

Is “Ryan Care” Part of a Long Game?

As of today, Ryan Care is dead. But was this part of a longer game President Trump is playing?

I know, after the previous President’s legacy became completely entangled in “Obamessiah Care”, or as I call it “The Unaffordable Care Act”, the MSM and the liberals and cuckservatives are going to try to spin this as “Trump Care”. But it’s not.

I keep hearing comments such as “President Trump claims to want to repeal and replace ObamaCare, but has been short on specifics”. WTF are you talking about? Did you want him to WRITE the replacement himself? I almost wouldn’t be surprised if he did have it written somewhere. But that’s not the President’s job; it’s the CONGRESS’ job.

Let’s see, some features he’s definitely called for:

  • Get rid of the “lines” around the states

“Little Marco” got hung up on this one during one of the debates. He didn’t seem to understand. Here’s how it goes: I live in Virginia. I can just about only purchase health insurance within Virginia. I can’t go to North Carolina, or New Mexico, even if I could get a better deal. The President is calling to eliminate that.

I tried to do that once. I had a Blue Cross plan I wasn’t very happy with. I used to listen Dave Ramsey, and a few other people. They’d talk about purchasing your own health insurance. I went to Ramsey’s website, and put in a request to speak to one of his ELPs (Endorsed Local Providers). Upon finding out I lived in New Jersey (at the time), all he could tell me was to get bent.

The President wants to get rid of this stupid fucking regulation. If you run a health insurance business in Minnesota, you should be able to sell health insurance to South Dakota and the People’s Republic of New Jersey, and the other 47 states.

This should NOT be hard to grasp. Thank GOD Little Marco didn’t last much past that debate.

There are possibilities. Since my children live in New Jersey with my succubus ex-wife, and I cover them, I have a regional plan. But I only had a single regional plan; no other choice. I could get better health insurance if I only had to worry about being in Virginia, but I have to pay more because my family is in two states.

  • Get prices down

If you can’t understand this, I can’t help you. Do you LIKE paying high prices for doctor’s visits and medications? I don’t. I have some pretty damn good insurance, and still have a huge stack of medical bills the doctor’s offices decided not to write off.

  • Eliminate the “Individual Mandate”

Again, self-explanatory. The government should not be able to force people to purchase a product or service. What if they decide to FORCE us all to purchase a Tesla, whether we want it or not?

  • Remove barriers to entry

Let’s say I’m screwing around in my kitchen, and accidentally discover a cure for cancer. Or rabies. Or whatever. You’ll never see it. I’d have to come up with probably billions in financing to stand up a company with a lab, do a decade of double-blind studies, and bribe the FDA. 20 years later, it’s possible the “Fraud and Death Administration” could arbitrarily decide not to permit my cure to go to market.  This isn’t exact, but my understanding of the pharmaceutical industry is only slightly better than my understanding of football. The President wants to make it easier for drugs and procedures to get approved.

Back to our original point. I don’t see this as a loss; I see it as part of a longer game. The President WILL probably get his “Repeal and Replace” of Obamessiah Care. Maybe not this year.

Paul Ryan failed as a leader. This is apparent. I think from all appearances, he’s trying to sabotage the President’s agenda. Maybe not as actively as the Demonrats, but still. He’s not behind the President. Remember, he was a “Never Trump” guy. He even bailed and dis-invited Candidate Trump from a rally at the last minute.

We’re also seeing which Republicucks won’t support the President either. And 2018 is coming up fast… Their game of pretending to be Republicans while really being liberals or globalist plants is coming to an end; at least, for now. So hopefully, they’ll be challenged in their next primaries. I know there are some movements to challenge these guys with people who will actually support what the Republican agenda is SUPPOSED to be in 2018.

I am blessed to have a Congressman (Dave Brat) who actually seems to see things in a manner compatible to me. Both of my Senators (Tim Kaine being one of them) are total libtards. At least in responding to my emails, Congressman Brat seems to support the President’s agenda. A neighboring district has Rob Wittman, whom I’ve met and seems to be a decent Congressman.

The biggest point of all is this: President Trump has been in office approximately 60 days. And he’s had Congress scrambling the entire time. How many other Presidents have been able to do this? He’ll move on to his next agenda item (Tax reform? Please?) and circle back to this one. Possibly after the 2017 Obamessiah Care implosion happens. When people are suddenly right in the middle of being screwed over a table by the former President and the Demonrats who passed the stupid bill before they read it, when people are screaming at their Congress Critters, both Demonrat and Republicuck alike, this will be right back on the table.

That’s my prediction. We’ll see how it works out.

And one last point: health CARE and health INSURANCE are not the same damn thing! Just because the government FORCES you to buy health INSURANCE doesn’t mean it will actually lead to health CARE.

The Media Keeps Using The Term “Live”. I Don’t Think It Means What They Think It Means…

Mark Dice reports on 3 instances where the “MainStream Media” totally fakes it. That is the very definition of #fakenews.

In the first, CNN and MSNBC are somehow interviewing the same woman, LIVE!, at the same time.

In the second, two reporters are supposedly talking to each other live via satellite, but you can see the exact same cars and busses passing behind both of them. They weren’t across the country; they were standing next to each other in the same parking lot.

The third, a news crew sets up their own crime scene so they can claim they’re reporting from an actual crime scene.

BONUS: If you didn’t already know this, late shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” are pre-recorded. I guess they were live while the cameras are rolling. (I’ve known this for decades, but some might not).

Don’t believe the #fakenews. They might as well be recording “live” from a sound stage last week.

Anecdotal Evidence Of Jobs Coming Back

Since I had a job go south in 2010 and got laid off, I’ve done some job searching over the last 7 years. I’ve had steady jobs since late 2010, but I’ve changed jobs twice, the last being August of 2016. It’s easy to get bored or frustrated in a job.

I have resumes up on several job sites. I haven’t updated them for several years. I’ve gotten occasional contacts all along. Most are irrelevant “We’re looking for an iPad developer for a 1 month contract in Detroit…” Didn’t even read my resume. Much less my location.

I’m occasionally contacted about a Field Engineer in Philadelphia, but the pay is less than half what I make. I delete those.

But lately, not only have I been getting emails about jobs, but they’re following up with calls. They’re actually serious. Sometimes they even update my preferences for jobs, location, and salary and say they’ll reach out to clients who are looking for people who fit that profile.

I talked to a manager a few months ago. They’re looking for a Senior Engineer. They don’t have a contract in place, but apparently, I’m a serious contender. It could materialize later this year.

I’m fairly content where I’m at. In Northern Virginia, a 25 mile drive is a VERY short commute. I used to have to drive 60 miles, which can take 3 hours to get home from on Fridays. All the damn New Yorkers want to go to Disney at the same time we’re trying to get home from work.

This is a good sign. Hopefully, jobs will come back and it will lift all of us up.


Never Apologize to SJWs

From Tom Woods:

Colin Moriarty spent 14 years in the video game industry, and he was part of Kinda Funny, a popular YouTube channel. Until this Tweet:

Naturally, the hyenas came after him.

He followed up by noting that his significant other “thinks my blatantly obvious joke is funny. Because not all people are humorless sacks of ****.”

Then the Holy Rite of Shaming and Expiation, learned by heart by all morally superior people, began.

Colleague Greg Miller (who had probably laughed at the Tweet himself) solemnly informed us that his friend had done something Forbidden and Unacceptable.

“Was Colin’s Tweet a joke? Sure, but that doesn’t make it OK.”

Why, everyone knows that men and women never, ever joke about each other.

Continuing with the Sacred Rite, testimonies of anguish and righteous anger began to flood in from across the world of allowable opinion.

This man has helped perpetuate the structures of oppression through his joke. It is time to hear his words of repentance.

Except the offender refused to play his appointed role.

He might have read from the official text. “O sisters and brothers, I have been guilty of wickedness and oppression that fill me with great shame. Henceforth I shall work for justice (and of course pay protection money — I mean, make a coercion-free donation — to whatever group has been the loudest in assassinating my character).”


He threw the liturgical book to the ground and set a match to it.

My kind of guy.

He launched a Patreon campaign to get donations for his future work. It’s already receiving tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Yeah, I know; I copied the text of his entire post.

This is important. You never know how or when, but something you do is likely to offend those known as SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). Or call them liberals. Whatever. They’re the self-appointed puritans who decide what is right and what is not. They have no consistency.

I hadn’t heard of Colin before seeing Tom’s post today. I thought his joke was funny. I probably said a few similar things, although I don’t associate with SJWs so nobody took them wrong. Especially my wife.

If you find yourself in Colin’s position, you must do exactly what he did: do NOT apologize. It’s one thing if you wrong somebody you care about. Wife, children, friends. But when liberals you’ve never met take offense, do not apologize.

Follow Vox Day’s advice. In his best seller, SJWs Always Lie, he breaks down the SJW attack cycle and how you can respond. He also publishes a free guide on his website.

Lauren Southern Gets A White House Press Pass…

…and shares with us what it’s like to be in a stuffy room with a bunch of self-important elitists.

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Lauren Southern. I’ve watched a few of her videos when something came to my attention. This is interesting though.

Like others, I’d hoped the Trump administration would have simply disbanded the White House Press Corps. It was apparently formed under Harry Truman, and quickly lead to what it is today. The White House is now letting in some smaller, independent media, which is a good sign.

I don’t remember when exactly I stopped trusting the “mainstream” news, but it goes back at least to the Clinton administration.

Something I’ve found funny is, every time I’ve actually taken a “mainstream media” story at face value, even my liberal friends slapped me down for buying the inaccuracies. One time, I shared a link to something Peter Jennings reported, and the most liberal guy I know tore into me over how wrong it was.

Is There Something To President Trump’s “Wiretapping” Tweet?

On March 4, early in the morning, President Trump tweeted out that he just found out former President Obama “wiretapped” him.

And of course, the press went batshit. St. Barry would never do anything like that. He was all perfect and stuff. The President requested that the Congress investigate. All I’ve seen out of it is various Congress-critters saying “There’s no evidence!” My under-my-breath response is usually “Yeah, I know, dumbass! He said to investigate.”

From what I saw over the course of the campaign and the last 50 some days of his administration, I don’t think the President just rashly tweeted that for no good reason. People think he’s stupid and charges around “like a bull in a china shop”, but I think he’s playing a much higher level strategy game than they see. And they don’t learn, no matter how many rounds of the strategy game he plays with them.

He said yesterday in his interview with Tucker Carlson that some things would be coming out over the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous Conservative seems to have come to the same conclusion I did:

I don’t know if this is by design, but with this administration it probably is. Notice how Donald is training everyone. A lesser operator would have just come out with whatever they had, and avoided this minor period of turbulence. But Donald waits, and lets whoever might stand against him take their position, before he cracks the whip.

If Obama went around the system, and had foreigners spy on an opposition candidate with a sitting President’s authorization, it will be a major scandal that will rewrite the procedures for the domestic surveillance of citizens by foreign entities on behalf of US intelligence. It will dominate the news. And when it does a lot of idiots who didn’t have President Trump’s back will have to endure the cost.

It will not take too many plays like this to train the disloyal cucks and establishment hacks to keep their mouths shut when the Donald speaks.

I disagree with his last statement. I don’t expect them to learn. But I think he is setting some of them up for the next election. He’s shining a light and seeing where the cockroaches are. 2018 will be here before you know it, cucks.