ROK on Government Plot to Fake An Alien Invasion

Return of Kings posted an article about the government and aliens.

Most people will dismiss it as BS. But it’s nothing new. Both Ronald Reagan and Paul Krugman have been on record saying an alien invasion (real or faked) would be a great way to “unite the planet.” I’m sure others have too.

I’m pretty sure, if such a thing ever happened, it would be a fake. Though I grew up on science fiction, my own position on extraterrestrial¬†life is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Or at least, some plausible evidence of it.

But this is nothing new. I remember a conversation with my dad around 1996 when “Independence¬†Day” came out. He seemed to think the reason why there were so many movies and TV shows about aliens was that the government is softening us up for the possibility. And I’ve gone MUCH deeper down the “conspiracy” rabbit hole than my dad ever would.