The Method Behind The Madness of the Surveillance Tweet

Anonymous Conservative analyzes how President Trump immunized himself and neutralized an attack with a single tweet.

Since the release, there has been no further releases of information by the Trump twitter account. He is immunized from responsibility, so the tweets have all stopped. If he had not tweeted, the media would probably have used government spying as a way to attack him, and blame him. But once the spies were seen as attacking President Trump, attacking them was seen by the media as helping Trump, so the Wikileaks release got much less airtime than it probably would have otherwise.

So how does this protect the surveillance state? I suspect that Obama’s efforts to impeach and remove President Trump were based around exposing the surveillance state and blaming it on President Trump. So long as President Trump could be tied to the surveillance state, this plan would just have to wait a year or two to let him be established as the President overseeing it, and then it could be set in motion releasing information Obama’s people gathered right before leaving office.

But President Trump, by tweeting that he was a victim of the surveillance state, has now created a broader perception that he was a victim of the surveillance state. Now even if Obama’s outfit did release everything being done by the intelligence apparatus, Trump could seamlessly pivot to being the representative of the people in that battle.

Indeed, given that he tweeted that Obama was the one who wiretapped him, it is entirely possible that he could blame the entire thing on Obama. If Obama tried to attack with that battle plan, it is not impossible President Trump and the Republican House and Senate could Impeach and Convict him for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. That is probably why he singled out Obama, rather than the NSA, or CIA, or any other entity.

This was a blindingly brilliant move, that thwarted an entire avenue of attack. It turned a situation involving definite absolute destruction of the Trump Administration into a destruction of Obama’s entire legacy, and it did it with a Tweet of under 140 characters, that was probably sent in under 30 seconds. Trump is beyond anything anyone can imagine.

Had Trump not tweeted what he did, I think the full extent of the security state would have been aired out with Church Committee like hearings carefully planned and executed by Obama’s operation, and then it all would have come down to further the end of destroying President Trump. My expectation now is that we will not hear much more about the surveillance state, unless Wikileaks releases something shocking, which I suspect is doubtful. (They seem to hang onto the really juicy stuff as blackmail to prevent intelligence from acting too aggressively toward them.)