Chris Matthews Uses His Show To Solicit Donations For His Wife’s Campaign!Corrupt-Blowhard-Chris-Matthews-Plays-Hardball-With-Guests-For-Wife’s-Campaign/cjds/570729fb0cf27bf9349f1b51

Tingly-legged windbag Chris Matthews got caught in a pay-to-play scandal involving his wife’s campaign and his TV show. The blond blowhard has been soliciting donations for his wife’s congressional campaign in exchange for appearing on his show, enabling the donors to be seen by Hardball’s dozens of viewers. MSNBC should can the tiresome phony right away.

Not even savvy enough to time the donations in a less obvious way, some were made within a few days of the appearances. Matthews’ guests had given Kathleen Matthews’ campaign nearly $80,000 as of December 31, 2015.

Go figure. (This was written as a draft some time ago, and wasn’t published until now).