ROK on Government Plot to Fake An Alien Invasion

Return of Kings posted an article about the government and aliens.

Most people will dismiss it as BS. But it’s nothing new. Both Ronald Reagan and Paul Krugman have been on record saying an alien invasion (real or faked) would be a great way to “unite the planet.” I’m sure others have too.

I’m pretty sure, if such a thing ever happened, it would be a fake. Though I grew up on science fiction, my own position on extraterrestrial life is “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Or at least, some plausible evidence of it.

But this is nothing new. I remember a conversation with my dad around 1996 when “Independence Day” came out. He seemed to think the reason why there were so many movies and TV shows about aliens was that the government is softening us up for the possibility. And I’ve gone MUCH deeper down the “conspiracy” rabbit hole than my dad ever would.

Supersize Me Was Vegan Propaganda

Remember Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me”? Turns out it was crap. His technical advisor was a lawyer suing McDonald’s.

Tom Naughton produced a rebuttal to Supersize Me called Fat Head. He analyzes Spurlock’s math, which doesn’t add up. He does his own month-long fast food diet, although using his own rules; not Spurlock’s.

He also looks at some of the “science” involved and comes to the same conclusion I did: “fat makes you fat” is the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated upon mankind.

Jay Dyer on The Shining

A lot of information has been written and recorded about Stephen King’s “The Shining”.

The first time I saw the movie was around 1992 or 1993 when I was in my “A” school, or my first Navy technical school as a Fire Controlman at Great Lakes Naval Training Center north of Chicago. I visited a friend’s barracks room and he was watching the movie. I stayed for it. Talk about a mind fuck. I thanked him for wrecking my sleep for the next few weeks, but I watched the entire thing.

On my first ship, the U.S.S. White Plains (AFS-4) in Guam, I bought the book and read it. I can remember walking around the ship at night, especially outside in the dark. I’d turn a corner and my mind would tell me, “What if there is something there?” I credit that to the book.

While I was on that ship, I learned it had some ghost stories associated with it. The ship was commissioned in the 1960’s, and since it had a refrigerator hold, often functioned to carry bodies from Vietnam to the Philippines, where there were flown out of Clark AFB back to the states. Apparently, people saw ghosts of those soldiers. I never saw one but heard enough stories from people who claimed to have seen them for me to believe somebody had. There was apparently a ghost of a little Vietnamese girl carrying a doll who liked to hang out with the aft lookout at night.

The ship also had a mainspace fire in 1989 that is well known, and ghosts of the 6 who died in that fire would show up.

In any case, Stanley Kubrick got ahold of “The Shining” and made the movie in his own image. I saw a documentary several years ago. I think it was called “Room 237”. Some people claim “The Shining” was Kubrick’s testimony of “faking the moon landings”. Not sure I buy that.  The documentary included several “conspiracy theories”, including Indian burial grounds and the moon landing thing.

Jay Dyer has a short, free video about “The Shining”. I haven’t bought his book yet, but it’s in my plan. Very interesting stuff.

Unholywood May Be Burning Down. Will Anybody Miss It?

I’m sure some normies may miss it. Others know it is a den of pedophilia and corruption.

The Harvey Weinstein thing that came out over the last week is probably a non-starter. I figure it’s more of a smokescreen to cover up something far worse. When somebody that powerful is taken down, I usually wonder who he pissed off. He’s been doing this for decades; why did he get taken down just this past week?

Everybody knows about the “casting couch”. It pretty much goes back to the founding of Unholywood. As for women who “sleep” with these powerful (and ugly mother fuckers like Weinstein), I don’t feel a lot of pity. How did you not know what you were getting into? And why stay silent this long?

What REALLY pisses me off is how we’ve all known about how powerful forces in Unholywood prey on children. This has been known for a LONG time, and little has been done. It’s well known, well documented, and well ignored. And fuck all of you for allowing it to continue. I hope you go down with it.

Wearable Tech, AI, and the Dark Triad

I’ve been reading about the “Dark Triad”. This consists of Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Machiavelianism. Ivan Throne’s book, The Nine Laws, talks about how to incorporate positive aspects of these into your life and response to the world.

There are also AIs that can look at a picture and tell, with a high rate of accuracy, whether the person is gay or not.

Anonymous Conservative put up a blog post today about how a similar AI could be used to detect real Dark Triad traits in people.

Imagine when we are all wearing the future equivalent of Google Glass glasses, it is filming everyone we meet, and you can upload an app to it which can detect Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Machiavellianism on the faces of people we meet in real time. Like a Terminator robot, you meet someone, shake their hand, and down the side of your view of them scrolls their psychological scores for all of those traits, as below them flashes in big red letters, “Alert! Alert! Major League Asshole!” (I assume the programmer will have a sense of humor – and experience with those personalities.)

I’ve read quite a bit about physiognomy, and facial bifurcation. People like Anonymous Conservative and Heartiste often perform this kind of analysis after a shooting. They sometimes perform them on politicians. There is a difference to the faces of psychopaths and narcissists that the rest of us don’t reflect. I’m not an expert on this by any means, but I’m getting a little better.

The trick is to look at a face for symmetry. Is the face symmetrical, or does one side look out of place?

A/C uses the following image in his blog post:

This kind of technology could be very useful. I have experienced a few people that, looking back, probably were narcissists and psychopaths.

7th Fleet Is A Disaster

I’m a US Navy veteran. The latest news about the Navy is hard to stomach. Yes, the military has always been a clusterfuck at the best of times. But this goes beyond belief.

They’ve had two ships taken out of commission by collisions at sea. I had trouble understanding why. A merchant ship probably has one person on the bridge during normal cruising. That person may even be reading a book. I know people who have crewed merchant ships.

A Navy destroyer, at least while I was in, had something like the following, as I remember:

  • 3 lookouts: port, starboard, and aft
  • Bridge: Officer of the Deck (OOD), Conning Officer (JOOD), Helmsman, Throttleman (may be combined), Boatswains Mate Of the Watch (BMOW), Quartermaster, and probably somebody sitting at a RADAR console, but ours wasn’t manned all the time.
  • CIC: Tactical Action Officer (TAO), Ship’s Weapons Coordinator (SWC), and numerous Operations Specialists and Fire Controlmen manning consoles and the plot. Also, Sonar Technicians and Electronic Warfare Technicians.
  • And numerous supporting personnel on watch in other stations, engineering, electronics, communications, etc.

Then there are the people who can’t sleep and are out smoking.

And most ship’s captains have standing orders to be awakened if other ships are in proximity.

When I heard about both collisions, it blew my mind.

But the USS Shiloh might give us some insight.

Now, morale is kind of a tricky thing. There’s an ancient Naval proverb that goes “A bitching sailor is a happy sailor.” The military life is interesting. Most young men join up looking for adventure and war and glory and all that. I know when I was 18, I was excited about the prospect. Then after training for war, I prayed that it never happened. Rather than excitement, the military life is years of boredom, hopefully not ever punctuated by moments of sheer terror.

You get a lot of busywork and “Mickey Mouse Bullshit”. You actually have important operational issues that need to be attended to, but you have to do a working party or clean berthing. Or training. I read an interview with a former Navy Captain that insulated the McCain’s crew was well trained in gender and gay issues, but not so much in operational issues.

It can be frustrating. Usually, your Commanding Officer (CO) has his own career to look out for, and only 18 months to 2 years to prove himself, and the ship and crew are how he gets to do it. I’ve had COs push the crew way too hard. I’ve seen people almost burn out. It does kill morale. But eventually, that CO leaves and is replaced. You hang your hopes on the next guy being better.

But there’s another ancient Naval proverb in play here: “Better to keep the asshole you have because the next guy can be worse.” And usually, he is.

So, back to the Shiloh.

Morale aboard a US Navy ship reached such lows that one sailor compared the vessel to a ‘floating prison’ after they were fed just bread and water.

Our food was usually bad. This is a little extreme. But we did consider ourselves to be on a floating prison. In boot camp, we were taught to address each other as “Shipmate.” It didn’t take us very long to start using “inmate”. We also had another greeting we learned in boot camp: “And have a fine Navy day!” My usual response to that was “Yeah, go fuck yourself too!”

The Daily Mail article references a “Command Climate Survey”. These are standard in the military and government. I normally consider them useless. The survey itself is more concerned with “have you been harassed as a POC or woman or Muslim or some other shit?” There are blocks in which to provide comments, but those are rarely considered. The Shiloh’s command climate survey must have been beyond FUBAR to even make the news.

Responding to a survey, one sailor on USS Shiloh said anonymously: ‘It’s only a matter of time before something horrible happens.’

Another respondent wrote: ‘Our sailors do not trust the CO.’

This is standard. By this point in the article, I figured it was fluff. Marines may have better experiences, but in the Navy, lower enlisted rarely trust their CO. I’ve had some decent ones, but I also served under a pretty bad one. Apparently not as bad as the Shiloh’s.

Junior sailors were particularly concerned about receiving harsh punishments from Capt. Adam Aycock, including being placed in the brig and fed only ‘bread and water,’ a traditional form of punishment still available to commanding officers.

Some crew members even warned that the dip in morale could inhibit their ability to deal with North Korea.

This got my attention. Another article I read (which is on CNN, and I’m not linking the Cocksucker News Network) said brig and bread and water were for minor infractions. It did not say what those minor infractions are. Being 5 minutes late for watch? Shirt being untucked?

Heh, heh, Captain Aycock. I bet his poor morale having sailors used his name for a LOT of dick jokes.

Favoritism is heavily in play on ships. A friend of mine, who was hardly a motivated sailor, literally was 5 minutes late for watch. He was sent to Captain’s Mast (non-judicial punishment or Article 15 of the UCMJ for those not blessed to be in the Navy…) alongside another sailor who was caught embezzling $500 from the ship’s laundry. My friend got the maximum punishment for being 5 minutes late for watch. Our aspiring Federal Reserve head got a suspended bust. Total favoritism. Of course, my friend had already been busted for almost missing ship’s movement in Thailand, so maybe that was a consideration. But still…

Believe it or not, I was ALMOST involved in a North Korea action. Yeah, I know, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades… In 1994-1995, I was on a supply ship. We were out providing UNREP (underway replenishment) to other ships when the Norks started acting up. The Kitty Hawk battle group was dispatched. Our CO saw his chance for glory, realizing that a battlegroup would need UNREP. As we were homeported in Guam, we were in a good spot. We pulled into Guam, and within 10 hours, took on a 120 day onload for a battle group. My ship was designed to hold 90 days of supplies for a battle group, so we had every inch of the ship packed. We had palates of soda and other supplies stacked all over the decks with the cargo holds full. Then we set sail that night.

And we sailed right into a typhoon. Very rough seas. The palates of soda flexed and started to explode. I don’t think we ever got the smell out of the ship. It was a mess. Combine that with flour and other things, and it was a huge mess.

The story I heard is that around 2300 one night on our way toward North Korea, a red phone in CIC rang. It’s the kind of phone that only rings when there’s a war, or somebody royally fucked up. It was COMLOGWESTPAC (Commander, Logistics, Western Pacific). The trip was not authorized, and the CO’s glory would have to wait. Return to base at Guam. And if you REALLY want to be underway, I’ve got just the deal for you…

The class of ship I was on at the time was a Mars Class Fast Combat Stores Ship. (Fast in name only…) The designation was AFS, or as we called it, Always Fucking Steaming. And until we pulled into port for decommissioning in 1995, we truly were AFS. Typically, we’d get a day or two in port to refuel and reload, then back out.

But like everything else in the military, it was misery, but also mixed with some fun. I went to Japan several times on that ship. We also got a visit to Hong Kong, Hawaii, and our decommissioning cruise was to Bali. I “crossed the line”(equator), went through the ceremony, and earned the title “Honorable Shellback”.

Back to the Shiloh. I’ve seen sailors fuck up, but I’ve never seen brig time or bread and water. Although it’s still in the regulations, it’s very extreme. I have no idea why the Shiloh’s former CO would ever use that as a form of punishment.

McCain The Insane (and senile) had some tweet about this being related to defense cuts:

US senator John McCain waded into the controversy today by tweeting: ‘This is a direct result of cuts to defense spending.’

WTF? I have no idea how this is related unless the Navy is buying their Captains from China because they’re cheaper… But then again, when was the last time McInsane said ANYTHING that made sense? Definitely not his “President Comey” remark.

I served during the Clinton years. They decommissioned a LOT of ships well before their time, which is causing the Ticonderago cruisers and Burke destroyers and other ships to pull hard duty. The force has been cut drastically. Sailors are doubling and tripling up on duties. This probably has a lot to do with 7th Fleet’s problems. You can only push your people so far. You can only push your equipment so far. It has a maintenance cycle for a reason.

For instance: my experience with time travel. Yes, I have time traveled. My second ship was a Spruance Class destroyer. Our SONAR dome was supposed to be replaced every 5 years. We left on deployment with the dome at the 7 year mark. We crossed the International Date Line at about 0000 Sunday night, which made it Tuesday. Soon after, a leak was discovered on the SONAR dome. The ship came to a stop while they investigated. I was on the mid watch in CIC at the time. They tried cutting chem lights and pouring the dye into the dome. Then, the ship turned around and headed back to Hawaii to get the dome fixed. We couldn’t exceed 11 knots with a punctured dome. So I have time traveled. We went from Sunday to Tuesday to Monday, non-sequentially, in a period of about 4 hours.

I hope 7th Fleet can get straightened out. They’ll probably have to relieve a lot more people of duty. But this problem may be systemic. I hope the Navy fixes it before they get anybody else killed outside of actual war.

I Will Not Be Watching Star Trek:Diversity

I grew up on the franchise, and have fond memories of it. But now that leftist politics have truly taken over, I’m not watching. Everything I have heard about the show makes it sound awful.

The CO and XO are both barely-feminine women, one of which is named “Michael”. I guess this is an honor to the “other Mr. Obama”?

They freely admit the Klingons are an allegory for “Trump Supporters”. The Klingons have their own MAGA, “Remain Klingon”. This violates the Federation’s sensibilities, so the Klingons must be forced into the Federation. Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated. I guess they also have to take Syrian war refugees from countries far from Syria? I haven’t watched it.

Star Trek peaked with Deep Space 9.

Dave Cullen took one for the team and watched this left-wing wet dream.

A Few Books To Help You Develop A Framework To Understand The Times

With America’s worst mass shooting in our recent past, a media that is entirely run by subversives who hate Americans (especially “conservatives”), many people wonder just what the hell is going on?

I don’t know if we’re entering “The Apocolypse”. I think we’re definitely in the 4th Turning crisis foretold by prophets Straus and Howe.

There are a few books I can recommend to help you understand the psychology of the people you’re likely to encounter in our times. Many of them I haven’t formally reviewed, although I should. You can start with The Fourth Turning, linked above.

The first book I recommend you read (after 4th Turning) is The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative. He wrote his second book under the name “Michael Trust.” He truly is anonymous beyond the point of paranoia. When Red Ice wanted to interview him, he sent Matt Forney instead. You can find AC’s blog here. I read his book in 2013, and have been reading his blog ever since. His work is truly valuable and should be archived for future generations.

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics takes an old evolutionary theory commonly called r/K Theory and applies it to politics. He explains it better than I can, but the concept is simple. Different environments select for different factors. If your ancestors came from a warm climate where food was everywhere, you likely wouldn’t need a high IQ or a long time preference. If your ancestors came from a colder climate, you’d have to have a higher IQ and you’d have to adapt to be able to plan ahead; to grow and store up food for winter. A/C divides people into r (rabbits) and K (Wolves). This isn’t like the Biblical sheep and wolves; the wolves (if you are one) are the good guys in this theory.

Rabbits have no or little in-group loyalty, are conflict-averse, breed prolifically, and have little investment in child rearing. Wolves, on the other hand, have strong in-group loyalty, are bred for a world of conflict, and have high investment in breeding and offspring.

Contrast that with the difference between the average liberal and conservative in the world and you’ll see where this fits in.

As a bonus, read his second book: How To Deal With Narcissists. In it, he explains what a narcissist is, why they are that way, and how to avoid them or deal with them if you must. This also explains a lot about how our world works and how the people who run it operate. Chances are, you know a few narcissists. This may help you a lot. It definitely helped me understand a few people I’ve been around.

Next up is SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day. He explains what an SJW is, what “The Narrative” is, how they operate, how they attack, and how to fight back. He also explains the difference between rhetoric and dialectic, and how you need to be able to operate in both. He also shows (much from personal experience) how if you are attacked by SJWs, you’re pretty much screwed as few if any will come to your aid. But never apologize, and never back down. That is blood in the water to them. His next book in the series, SJWs Always Double Down, should be out Oct 9. I pre-ordered it. SJW’s Always Lie, if read in the order I present, builds on Evolutionary Psychology and Narcissists.

Another book to aid in your understanding of our current times is Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America by Vox Day and John Red Eagle. If you’re a conservative and/or a Republican, and you wonder why Republican and conservative politicians always puss out and surrender, this book will explain it to you.

A few more I’ll add as sort of honorable mentions are Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset and Ivan Throne’s 9 Laws. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it. Mindset is a powerful tool. Say what you will about some other aspects of Cernovich, but his book is very powerful and practical. I haven’t finished 9 Laws yet. I’m about halfway through. In the first part of the book, Throne lays out what his nine laws are, and what the dark triad is. These are mindset tools you can use to operate in and understand the world around you.

I could go back through my list of books and find some more academic, longer, harder to read ones. All of these books are easy to read, yet highly comprehensive. If you want to know more about why the people in the world are the way they are, and how to respond to or avoid them, read the books on this list.

Free Speech and Boobs

I saw this video a couple weeks back and laughed at it. Heartiste posted about it and brought it back to my attention:

I don’t watch CNN, except for funny clips like this other people share. I also pay no attention to sportsball, so I have no idea who these people are. The guy on the right comes off as a ZFG shitlord. He clearly and flippantly states that the First Amendment and boobs are two things that have never let him down. The anchor (I guess it’s “sexist” to say anchorwoman) immediately loses her shit and ability to focus. The guy on the left comes in as a white knight, attempting to protect the “honor” of the anchor, whom Heartiste says is 38 and never married and obviously childless.

When I first saw the video, I shared it on Minds. Others commented that the anchor obviously began wanting the guy who gives zero fucks, and says “boobs” on air. If you watch her, she cannot focus at all. She goes speechless for a while and then babbles indignation. She can’t form a coherent thought or get back to the point, which is what an anchor should be able to do. Roll with it, if you like.

This whole “sexism” thing comes off as childish. She acts indignant that he said such a thing. She’s supposedly an adult. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: women have boobs. BFD.

This whole thing reminds me of an old joke: How is sex like air? Because it’s just not that big a deal…unless you aren’t getting any.

(I’m pretty sure I got this picture from another Heartiste post; maybe on Gab.)

A Magazine Trip Through The Past

Over the years, I’ve acquired several magazine subscriptions. Some are from organizations I’m a member of (NRA, VFW, etc.), some are because my wife signs me up for free subscriptions (Men’s Journal, Outdoor something or other), and some I have deliberately subscribed to (Forbes, Wired, and I just added HBR.) My wife signed me up for Rolling Stone, but I got halfway through one and wrote it off as “aging leftist boomer druggie rock memorabilia” and quit reading. When Sports Illustrated showed up, I checked to see if it had her name, which it did. I would have drawn the line there.

Since the routine I’ve maintained for many years has me only reading my magazines during an activity I do in the morning (less than 15 minutes), I don’t get through them very quickly. I realized I have two big stacks of magazines, and I need to get more proactive in reading them to catch up.

I’m just barely caught up to August of 2016, and had a thought. I just finished the Aug 2016 issue of the NRA’s “America’s First Freedom”, which was entirely about how terrible a Hillary Clinton Presidency is going to be for gun rights. Then I opened the Aug 2016 of VFW magazine, and the opening commentary by the VFW Commander In Chief is about how critical the 2016 election will be for reforming the VA, which is a nightmare to many veterans.

So I started wondering since I honestly don’t know how it came out in the end: will either magazine go all in on supporting the God Emperor? Or will they cuck out? I know the NRA is full of Neocucks, so I’m kind of expecting them to. I can’t wait to read their November and December issues. I don’t know if the VFW has a political stance other than protecting veterans’ issues. I’m sure they HAD to know which of the two was best for protecting those interests…

I guess we’ll see.

I already know where Wired was. I made the mistake of subscribing to them right before they went all-in on the leftist political position. I tried to unsubscribe from their email newsletters and finally had to mark them as spam. I subscribed to Wired because it’s supposed to be a great magazine about technology, right before they came all out as fully SJW converged.

Forbes has a nominally conservative stance. Many of their writers are liberals, but their editorial process tempers that to a tolerable level.