The Qualifications For Selling Insurance Must Be The Same As MLM

Last month, I got an email from Monster that my resume was going to expire. Looking back, I should have just let it expire. I don’t get the point to anymore. I still have some resumes out there, just in case a good opportunity comes along. That has never happened.

Monster is still living in the 90’s. Unlike some other sites, you can’t edit your resume online. I had to pull together my updated resume in Microsoft Word and upload the document.

Then I sat back. And sure enough, I start getting calls and emails about selling insurance.

I was a Realtor for about 6 months, but everything else in my resume, going back to 1992, is for technical work. Nothing about sales, nothing in the insurance industry.

And yet, a whole bunch of insurance companies start calling and emailing me.

Now, back in 2014, I went to a meeting at one of these insurance companies just to see what it was about. It wasn’t one-on-one. There were a bunch of us in the room. Then a guy in a suit came in, told us about the company, and how much money you can make in it. They had us introduce ourselves and talk about where were work now. I don’t mention the name of the company, but their mascot rhymes with the F-word.

Somebody from that same company sent me an email a couple weeks ago. I deleted it. Yesterday, I got a “follow-up”. In my response, I told the guy I have no interest in sales or insurance. I might be interested in selling technical products and services. Strangely, none of those recruiters ever contact me.

I once did look up technical sales, and you can’t get those jobs with technical experience. A tech sales job with a salary comparable to what I now make requires more years of sales experience than I could probably get in the next 15 years. I’m not going back to “entry-level” just to do it.

As the closing to my two paragraph response to “mascot rhymes with F-word” recruiter, I asked what part of my resume indicates I have ANY interest in sales or insurance or selling insurance. How can any honest recruiter look at a resume with 25 years of experience that goes like this: “Navy technician, technician, engineer, IT Project Manager, IT Policy”, and think “This guy would be a perfect match for selling insurance!”

Selling this type of insurance must require the exact same qualification as selling multi-level marketing: you have to fog a mirror. It’s the same thing if you find yourself in the target of an Amway representative: “You’re such a go-getter! I’m with an international business that’s looking for people like you! We’re meeting at a hotel tonight. You should come! Here’s a motivational tape that tells you how much money you can make in this business. But it tells you absolutely NOTHING about the business!” (Hopefully, they’ve progressed beyond tapes by now. Even CDs are getting archaic.)

Another Perspective on the “Retail Apocalypse”

Michael Snyder of “The Economic Collapse Blog” has written extensively on the “Retail Apocalypse“. Many well known and well established retail outlets are going bankrupt at a record rate. Some may no longer exist in a short time frame.

But is this entirely a bad thing?

This won’t be an extensive economic analysis. This is mostly anecdotal from a consumer.

We all have to buy things to maintain our lives. Some things are necessary. Most things are not. And we’ve transitioned to a hybrid model of online/in-store.

Some things are easier to buy on-line. I have a generic Keurig coffee pot. (Mr. Coffee, actually). I need K-cups for it, because I won’t live without my coffee. I can get 100 K-cups on Amazon for about $35, and they show up on my doorstep almost magically within about 24 hours. That’s a better price than I can get in local stores, and I don’t have to stand in line or go anywhere. I’m not changing this pattern anytime soon.

I used to LOVE bookstores. But I’ve reached a point where my bookshelf space is very limited, so I buy my books in Kindle, epub, or pdf. I only buy physical books if I absolutely have to have the book and there are no other options. But even so, for rare books, Amazon usually has better deals, and even for those few F’ing publishers who haven’t left the last century, Amazon still has better prices, making Barnes and Nobel not an option. Why would I deal with local traffic to drive to B&N to pay MORE for a book than Amazon? They don’t mean that much to me. I miss Borders, but I had the same problem wth them.

“Anchor” stores (Sears, J.C. Penney, Macy’s, etc) – who cares? Their prices are way off the charts for my budget. I have pretty much never shopped at them. I haven’t quite adapted to buying clothes online (last time I bought a dress shirt from Amazon, I washed it once and it permanently wrinkled), but I’m not paying $50 for a shirt. Plus, you still have to try them on. I usually go to Kohl’s when I need work clothes.

Target – I used to like to shop at Target. But after their 2013 credit card breach that was totally preventable (They had FireEye, and got the warnings, but ignored them to their own peril) and their tranny policy, I’m done with Target. I bought a Microsoft Band from them in 2014. That was my LAST purchase from Target ever. I won’t allow my wife to shop there either. When they finally go out of business, I’ll drink to that. (Business) death to Target! And I got so freaking sick of every time I walked up to the register, being asked if I wanted to apply for a Target credit card. The last time I shopped there, I replied: “No thanks, I don’t want my information stolen.”

Wal-mart – good if I need something in an emergency at 4 in the morning, like the last time my smoke detector batteries died in the middle of the night and I was out of batteries. And I’ve bought my last couple TVs there. They have good prices. But I don’t go out of my way to shop at Wal-mart. Only when it’s an emergency. And even then, I go either late at night, or early in the morning before the average Wal-mart shopper is out of bed.

K-mart – I used to like K-mart, but our local K-mart (actually, out of business and long since closed) is in a crappy area. I only went there once, and don’t miss it.

Furniture stores – Don’t care. How often do you need furniture anyway? You buy a bed once every 10-20 years. I can’t see spending $5000 on a couch. I don’t go in furniture stores.

Best Buy – I would miss them. They’re great for impulse buys that I don’t want to wait for shipping on. If I need a new computer, I want it right now, not in 2 days. But even I don’t need that many new computers.

Now, for stores I can’t live without:

Grocery stores: until I can get my beer as easily as I can my coffee, I still need grocery stores. And my wife needs them for the other non-beer items we need for our household.

Convenience stores: I can’t buy smokes as easily as I can coffee either. Gotta have Wawa. Plus, gas. Although it would be great if I could order 20 gallons of regular a week and have it show up in my driveway.

Vape stores: I need juice and atomizers for my vaporizer. And when I’m too lazy to order them online, I need a place I can get to locally.

And I probably need places where I can get my oil changed and general maintenance on my truck.

So for the “retail apocalypse?” I’m not that torn up about it. Brick and mortar stores, unless they fill some specialty that can’t be done online (like beer or oil changes) are like the “buggy whip manufacturers” that went out of business once the car took off.

Funny cliche I came across recently: 100 years ago, everybody had a horse and only the rich had cars. Now, everybody has a car and only the rich have horses.

In North Carolina, Protestors Blocking Traffic Now Have The Same Legal Status As Deer

From Anonymous Conservative.

This is a shift in the zeitgeist I couldn’t have predicted just a few years ago. There’s been a definite “us vs. them” shift in our collective consciousness. I don’t think either side views the other as fully human.

When I watch videos of protestors being hit by cars they were blocking, I don’t feel a sense of horror or anything. I don’t know if I should. I imagine events of late have desensitized me to it.

But I also want to ask them “Didn’t your mothers teach you not to play in traffic?” Then I realize, one of the hallmarks of rabbits is low investment parenting. So, obviously not.

Leftists also can’t seem to connect concepts properly in their minds. None of their protests seem to have anything to do with what they’re protesting about. “I’m pissed off! Let’s burn down our neighborhood!” It makes no sense to me, except through the r/K theory Anonymous Conservative has so brilliantly applied to politics. (r/K has been around for a long time, but AC is the one who took it and ran with it.)

What the hell does stopping traffic have to do with not approving of Donald Trump? I can’t connect it in my mind, but it makes sense to them somehow I guess. And it’s not that I go looking for those videos, but they show up everywhere. I don’t look at pictures of abortions at all. I don’t believe I need to; my mind is already made up that this is a horrific event.

I suppose it makes sense to desensitize yourself to horrific things. If we have an economic collapse or civil war or some other kind of meltdown, we’ll all be surrounded by horrific scenes every day, and we may have to make some very hard choices. And it will probably pay to not become overwhelmed by it all. Think about it; you’re trying to survive, and starving people are begging you for food. If you share, you might not survive. Your family definitely won’t. You have to say no, and be prepared to defend them and your supplies. Can you make those hard choices? I don’t even know if I could.

Anecdotal Evidence Of Jobs Coming Back

Since I had a job go south in 2010 and got laid off, I’ve done some job searching over the last 7 years. I’ve had steady jobs since late 2010, but I’ve changed jobs twice, the last being August of 2016. It’s easy to get bored or frustrated in a job.

I have resumes up on several job sites. I haven’t updated them for several years. I’ve gotten occasional contacts all along. Most are irrelevant “We’re looking for an iPad developer for a 1 month contract in Detroit…” Didn’t even read my resume. Much less my location.

I’m occasionally contacted about a Field Engineer in Philadelphia, but the pay is less than half what I make. I delete those.

But lately, not only have I been getting emails about jobs, but they’re following up with calls. They’re actually serious. Sometimes they even update my preferences for jobs, location, and salary and say they’ll reach out to clients who are looking for people who fit that profile.

I talked to a manager a few months ago. They’re looking for a Senior Engineer. They don’t have a contract in place, but apparently, I’m a serious contender. It could materialize later this year.

I’m fairly content where I’m at. In Northern Virginia, a 25 mile drive is a VERY short commute. I used to have to drive 60 miles, which can take 3 hours to get home from on Fridays. All the damn New Yorkers want to go to Disney at the same time we’re trying to get home from work.

This is a good sign. Hopefully, jobs will come back and it will lift all of us up.


#Taxation Is Theft Will Go Nowhere

Like all social media revolts, this one is dead on arrival. People are retweeting and resharing all kinds of #taxation is theft memes. But after the Two Minutes Hate passes, they’ll forget about it until next year.

They’ll continue to vote for the same politicians, support the same corrupt bi-factional ruling parties (you did realize the Democrat and Republican parties are private organizations, didn’t you?) and believe the same lying media.

You won’t find any retweets or shares on my social media accounts.