In North Carolina, Protestors Blocking Traffic Now Have The Same Legal Status As Deer

From Anonymous Conservative.

This is a shift in the zeitgeist I couldn’t have predicted just a few years ago. There’s been a definite “us vs. them” shift in our collective consciousness. I don’t think either side views the other as fully human.

When I watch videos of protestors being hit by cars they were blocking, I don’t feel a sense of horror or anything. I don’t know if I should. I imagine events of late have desensitized me to it.

But I also want to ask them “Didn’t your mothers teach you not to play in traffic?” Then I realize, one of the hallmarks of rabbits is low investment parenting. So, obviously not.

Leftists also can’t seem to connect concepts properly in their minds. None of their protests seem to have anything to do with what they’re protesting about. “I’m pissed off! Let’s burn down our neighborhood!” It makes no sense to me, except through the r/K theory Anonymous Conservative has so brilliantly applied to politics. (r/K has been around for a long time, but AC is the one who took it and ran with it.)

What the hell does stopping traffic have to do with not approving of Donald Trump? I can’t connect it in my mind, but it makes sense to them somehow I guess. And it’s not that I go looking for those videos, but they show up everywhere. I don’t look at pictures of abortions at all. I don’t believe I need to; my mind is already made up that this is a horrific event.

I suppose it makes sense to desensitize¬†yourself to horrific things. If we have an economic collapse or civil war or some other kind of meltdown, we’ll all be surrounded by horrific scenes every day, and we may have to make some very hard choices. And it will probably pay to not become overwhelmed by it all. Think about it; you’re trying to survive, and starving people are begging you for food. If you share, you might not survive. Your family definitely won’t. You have to say no, and be prepared to defend them and your supplies. Can you make those hard choices? I don’t even know if I could.

Anecdotal Evidence Of Jobs Coming Back

Since I had a job go south in 2010 and got laid off, I’ve done some job searching over the last 7 years. I’ve had steady jobs since late 2010, but I’ve changed jobs twice, the last being August of 2016. It’s easy to get bored or frustrated in a job.

I have resumes up on several job sites. I haven’t updated them for several years. I’ve gotten occasional contacts all along. Most are irrelevant¬†“We’re looking for an iPad developer for a 1 month contract in Detroit…” Didn’t even read my resume. Much less my location.

I’m occasionally contacted about a Field Engineer in Philadelphia, but the pay is less than half what I make. I delete those.

But lately, not only have I been getting emails about jobs, but they’re following up with calls. They’re actually serious. Sometimes they even update my preferences for jobs, location, and salary and say they’ll reach out to clients who are looking for people who fit that profile.

I talked to a manager a few months ago. They’re looking for a Senior Engineer. They don’t have a contract in place, but apparently, I’m a serious contender. It could materialize later this year.

I’m fairly content where I’m at. In Northern Virginia, a 25 mile drive is a VERY short commute. I used to have to drive 60 miles, which can take 3 hours to get home from on Fridays. All the damn New Yorkers want to go to Disney at the same time we’re trying to get home from work.

This is a good sign. Hopefully, jobs will come back and it will lift all of us up.


#Taxation Is Theft Will Go Nowhere

Like all social media revolts, this one is dead on arrival. People are retweeting and resharing all kinds of #taxation is theft memes. But after the Two Minutes Hate passes, they’ll forget about it until next year.

They’ll continue to vote for the same politicians, support the same corrupt bi-factional ruling parties (you did realize the Democrat and Republican parties are private organizations, didn’t you?) and believe the same lying media.

You won’t find any retweets or shares on my social media accounts.