The Blind Men And The Elephant Is A Stupid Metaphor

We’ve all heard this metaphor before. It’s used at a metaphor for all sorts of things. Normally, religion, but I recently saw it used for business processes and best practices.

It goes like this: six blind men are all on a different part of an elephant. They can’t see, so they go by feeling. One man is at the elephant’s trunk. Because that’s all he can feel, he assumes that the elephant is a trunk. Another man is at the tail. He assumes the elephant is nothing but a tail. The same goes through the other parts, head, back, underside, and if you want to get really crude, reproductive organs. That last part may be appropriate for discussing politics.

Then the person using the analogy comes back to something like “so you see, each man only has one part of the elephant, but not the whole. So if you look at <religion> <business> <rap music> <etc> in the same way, you can see they’re all correct, but they only have one part of the whole elephant.”

No, they’re not. Are we assuming that all of the blind men (6 or 8 depending on the person using this metaphor) are so freaking stupid they can’t move their hands beyond the small part being used? I’ve known blind people, and none of them were that stupid.

That’s why this stupid metaphor has never worked for me. And when I hear somebody use it, I assume that person is stupid enough to hold an elephant’s tail and believe that to be the entire elephant, even if his buddy is at the trunk or the dick and claiming that is the elephant; then they argue about it.

Henrick Palgren Is A Viking

I’ve been listening to Red Ice Radio since about 2011. It’s a good podcast, with tons of interesting content. Every now and again, the topic is a miss. When he covers local Swedish politics, I fast forward. But for the most part, he’s had some fascinating guests on.

I never knew what to expect of him. He’s got a very calm and measured voice, and never seems to get over-excited. I always pictured him as an older, maybe shorter man. No. Behold:

Henrick Palmgren

Seriously, he is a viking. Sweden better not push him too far with its SJW politics. I bet he could ravage and pillage the entire nation by himself.

#Taxation Is Theft Will Go Nowhere

Like all social media revolts, this one is dead on arrival. People are retweeting and resharing all kinds of #taxation is theft memes. But after the Two Minutes Hate passes, they’ll forget about it until next year.

They’ll continue to vote for the same politicians, support the same corrupt bi-factional ruling parties (you did realize the Democrat and Republican parties are private organizations, didn’t you?) and believe the same lying media.

You won’t find any retweets or shares on my social media accounts.

Innagural Post

Welcome to the all new I’ve been on Blogger for 12 years or so. I’ve thought about getting my own site, but never pulled the trigger. My own name was available as a domain, so I decided to do it finally.

I’ve noticed that some people seem to monitor what domains are checked. I’ve checked my own name from time to time. Sometimes it’s available, and sometimes it’s not. All I can figure is people are checking to see who wants to register a domain, then they register it and hope they can make money for it.

This time, mine was available again. I own it.

I considered an anonymous blog name, but I’ve always written under my own name. I explored this on my old blog. As a forum I’m part of says, I stand by my analysis. I write under my own name. It is my brand.

I’m still deciding whether or not to import my old posts from Blogger onto this blog. I’ve also thought about creating an eBook out of my favorites, and leaving the rest up for historical purposes and starting anew. I’m sure I have plenty of time to decide.

I plan to continue writing about topics I am interested in: libertarianism, game, history, philosophy, Information Technology, leadership, books, etc.