Book Review: God Hates Me by Richard Cain

You can buy God Hates Me here.

This is a very unique and interesting book. The basis of the story is this: a demon has a story he wants to tell. He begins by possessing a teenager and speaking to the youth pastor. 4 chapters later, he is cast out by the pastor and goes off in search of others to tell his story to until he finishes. Most chapters are with one person, although I think he gets another two chapters out of one more person. Some of these are hilarious in their own right. In one case, he crashes a sleepover of girls playing with an Ouija board.

The demon’s name is Malach. He doesn’t consider himself evil. Sure, he was part of the rebellion, but he was there because of some really cool music the “Choir Director” was playing. He tries not to be too evil, although he keeps getting roped in. But he wants to get back into Heaven, so he keeps looking for ways to get their attention by doing good. But, he keeps messing things up.

The author limits Malach’s attendance at Biblical events. I figure it would have been too self-serving to have him there at the crucifixion. Malach keeps himself busy with plant taxonomy and loves Florida for some reason. When he’s not cataloging plants, he gets involved with pixies (it ends badly), and tries to raise a little boy as his “guardian angel”. That ends badly too.

The author’s imagination is good. The demon explains what the world was like pre-fall (Noah laser-leveled the deck of the ark), the Nephilim, and the change in strategy after the flood. While I would never base theology on this book, it is a work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such.

I’m not sure what the deal with the cover is. The first time I saw it, I thought it was the story of a boxer or MMA fighter or something.

OK, I won’t give spoilers. I don’t know if this is the author’s intent or just my own mind. While Malach’s story appears to have a happy ending, demons lie. It’s a great and entertaining read.