Jay Dyer on The Shining

A lot of information has been written and recorded about Stephen King’s “The Shining”.

The first time I saw the movie was around 1992 or 1993 when I was in my “A” school, or my first Navy technical school as a Fire Controlman at Great Lakes Naval Training Center north of Chicago. I visited a friend’s barracks room and he was watching the movie. I stayed for it. Talk about a mind fuck. I thanked him for wrecking my sleep for the next few weeks, but I watched the entire thing.

On my first ship, the U.S.S. White Plains (AFS-4) in Guam, I bought the book and read it. I can remember walking around the ship at night, especially outside in the dark. I’d turn a corner and my mind would tell me, “What if there is something there?” I credit that to the book.

While I was on that ship, I learned it had some ghost stories associated with it. The ship was commissioned in the 1960’s, and since it had a refrigerator hold, often functioned to carry bodies from Vietnam to the Philippines, where there were flown out of Clark AFB back to the states. Apparently, people saw ghosts of those soldiers. I never saw one but heard enough stories from people who claimed to have seen them for me to believe somebody had. There was apparently a ghost of a little Vietnamese girl carrying a doll who liked to hang out with the aft lookout at night.

The ship also had a mainspace fire in 1989 that is well known, and ghosts of the 6 who died in that fire would show up.

In any case, Stanley Kubrick got ahold of “The Shining” and made the movie in his own image. I saw a documentary several years ago. I think it was called “Room 237”. Some people claim “The Shining” was Kubrick’s testimony of “faking the moon landings”. Not sure I buy that.  The documentary included several “conspiracy theories”, including Indian burial grounds and the moon landing thing.

Jay Dyer has a short, free video about “The Shining”. I haven’t bought his book yet, but it’s in my plan. Very interesting stuff.