The Media Keeps Using The Term “Live”. I Don’t Think It Means What They Think It Means…

Mark Dice reports on 3 instances where the “MainStream Media” totally fakes it. That is the very definition of #fakenews.

In the first, CNN and MSNBC are somehow interviewing the same woman, LIVE!, at the same time.

In the second, two reporters are supposedly talking to each other live via satellite, but you can see the exact same cars and busses passing behind both of them. They weren’t across the country; they were standing next to each other in the same parking lot.

The third, a news crew sets up their own crime scene so they can claim they’re reporting from an actual crime scene.

BONUS: If you didn’t already know this, late shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” are pre-recorded. I guess they were live while the cameras are rolling. (I’ve known this for decades, but some might not).

Don’t believe the #fakenews. They might as well be recording “live” from a sound stage last week.

Anecdotal Evidence Of Jobs Coming Back

Since I had a job go south in 2010 and got laid off, I’ve done some job searching over the last 7 years. I’ve had steady jobs since late 2010, but I’ve changed jobs twice, the last being August of 2016. It’s easy to get bored or frustrated in a job.

I have resumes up on several job sites. I haven’t updated them for several years. I’ve gotten occasional contacts all along. Most are irrelevant “We’re looking for an iPad developer for a 1 month contract in Detroit…” Didn’t even read my resume. Much less my location.

I’m occasionally contacted about a Field Engineer in Philadelphia, but the pay is less than half what I make. I delete those.

But lately, not only have I been getting emails about jobs, but they’re following up with calls. They’re actually serious. Sometimes they even update my preferences for jobs, location, and salary and say they’ll reach out to clients who are looking for people who fit that profile.

I talked to a manager a few months ago. They’re looking for a Senior Engineer. They don’t have a contract in place, but apparently, I’m a serious contender. It could materialize later this year.

I’m fairly content where I’m at. In Northern Virginia, a 25 mile drive is a VERY short commute. I used to have to drive 60 miles, which can take 3 hours to get home from on Fridays. All the damn New Yorkers want to go to Disney at the same time we’re trying to get home from work.

This is a good sign. Hopefully, jobs will come back and it will lift all of us up.


Never Apologize to SJWs

From Tom Woods:

Colin Moriarty spent 14 years in the video game industry, and he was part of Kinda Funny, a popular YouTube channel. Until this Tweet:

Naturally, the hyenas came after him.

He followed up by noting that his significant other “thinks my blatantly obvious joke is funny. Because not all people are humorless sacks of ****.”

Then the Holy Rite of Shaming and Expiation, learned by heart by all morally superior people, began.

Colleague Greg Miller (who had probably laughed at the Tweet himself) solemnly informed us that his friend had done something Forbidden and Unacceptable.

“Was Colin’s Tweet a joke? Sure, but that doesn’t make it OK.”

Why, everyone knows that men and women never, ever joke about each other.

Continuing with the Sacred Rite, testimonies of anguish and righteous anger began to flood in from across the world of allowable opinion.

This man has helped perpetuate the structures of oppression through his joke. It is time to hear his words of repentance.

Except the offender refused to play his appointed role.

He might have read from the official text. “O sisters and brothers, I have been guilty of wickedness and oppression that fill me with great shame. Henceforth I shall work for justice (and of course pay protection money — I mean, make a coercion-free donation — to whatever group has been the loudest in assassinating my character).”


He threw the liturgical book to the ground and set a match to it.

My kind of guy.

He launched a Patreon campaign to get donations for his future work. It’s already receiving tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Yeah, I know; I copied the text of his entire post.

This is important. You never know how or when, but something you do is likely to offend those known as SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). Or call them liberals. Whatever. They’re the self-appointed puritans who decide what is right and what is not. They have no consistency.

I hadn’t heard of Colin before seeing Tom’s post today. I thought his joke was funny. I probably said a few similar things, although I don’t associate with SJWs so nobody took them wrong. Especially my wife.

If you find yourself in Colin’s position, you must do exactly what he did: do NOT apologize. It’s one thing if you wrong somebody you care about. Wife, children, friends. But when liberals you’ve never met take offense, do not apologize.

Follow Vox Day’s advice. In his best seller, SJWs Always Lie, he breaks down the SJW attack cycle and how you can respond. He also publishes a free guide on his website.

Lauren Southern Gets A White House Press Pass…

…and shares with us what it’s like to be in a stuffy room with a bunch of self-important elitists.

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Lauren Southern. I’ve watched a few of her videos when something came to my attention. This is interesting though.

Like others, I’d hoped the Trump administration would have simply disbanded the White House Press Corps. It was apparently formed under Harry Truman, and quickly lead to what it is today. The White House is now letting in some smaller, independent media, which is a good sign.

I don’t remember when exactly I stopped trusting the “mainstream” news, but it goes back at least to the Clinton administration.

Something I’ve found funny is, every time I’ve actually taken a “mainstream media” story at face value, even my liberal friends slapped me down for buying the inaccuracies. One time, I shared a link to something Peter Jennings reported, and the most liberal guy I know tore into me over how wrong it was.

Is There Something To President Trump’s “Wiretapping” Tweet?

On March 4, early in the morning, President Trump tweeted out that he just found out former President Obama “wiretapped” him.

And of course, the press went batshit. St. Barry would never do anything like that. He was all perfect and stuff. The President requested that the Congress investigate. All I’ve seen out of it is various Congress-critters saying “There’s no evidence!” My under-my-breath response is usually “Yeah, I know, dumbass! He said to investigate.”

From what I saw over the course of the campaign and the last 50 some days of his administration, I don’t think the President just rashly tweeted that for no good reason. People think he’s stupid and charges around “like a bull in a china shop”, but I think he’s playing a much higher level strategy game than they see. And they don’t learn, no matter how many rounds of the strategy game he plays with them.

He said yesterday in his interview with Tucker Carlson that some things would be coming out over the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous Conservative seems to have come to the same conclusion I did:

I don’t know if this is by design, but with this administration it probably is. Notice how Donald is training everyone. A lesser operator would have just come out with whatever they had, and avoided this minor period of turbulence. But Donald waits, and lets whoever might stand against him take their position, before he cracks the whip.

If Obama went around the system, and had foreigners spy on an opposition candidate with a sitting President’s authorization, it will be a major scandal that will rewrite the procedures for the domestic surveillance of citizens by foreign entities on behalf of US intelligence. It will dominate the news. And when it does a lot of idiots who didn’t have President Trump’s back will have to endure the cost.

It will not take too many plays like this to train the disloyal cucks and establishment hacks to keep their mouths shut when the Donald speaks.

I disagree with his last statement. I don’t expect them to learn. But I think he is setting some of them up for the next election. He’s shining a light and seeing where the cockroaches are. 2018 will be here before you know it, cucks.

CNN Needs Better Technical People (Or They’re A Joke)

Yet again, CNN’s feed gets cut. That seems to be happening a lot lately. Happened when Bernie Sanders jokingly mentioned “Fake News”. It’s getting to where I can’t keep track of how often their feed drops. And I don’t watch CNN. I keep hearing about it from the sources I do follow.

Clinton News Network

Counterfit News Network

Crap News Network

Communist News Network

On the bright side, if you ever find yourself on CNN and want to get off, just hit the eject button with a bit of truth of a comment on “fake news”, and your feed will be cut. You’re free to go.

Andrew Dice Clay Needs A Safe Space

Dice blocked Mark Dice on Twitter:

Pretty much what Mark Dice says: when I was a teenager, Andrew Dice Clay  (real name Andrew Clay Silverstein) was a hero. My friend and I used to drive around listening to one of his CDs. I think I still have a couple of his CDs. But I guess if being that profane was the norm, he wouldn’t have stood out. Where else in the late 80’s where you supposed to find a comedian who dropped F-bombs and talked about banging chicks?

The last CD of his I was aware of, he said he was going to become a feminist. “Penny wit a penis.” He disappeared from the scene after that.  I think that was around ’93. I was stationed in San Diego for a Navy tech school then.

I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice. Dude could barely string two words together in a coherent manner. And those two words were “You” and “know”.

PewDiePie Continues To Troll

Eventually, PewDiePie will probably return to a peacetime footing and go back to making video game and satire videos for his audience. Until then, I’m enjoying the show.

The other day, he played a “Hitler Simulator”. I don’t recall what the game is actually called. I’m not much of a gamer, which is why I watched #gamergate from the sidelines rather than participate.

I doubt the media will ever learn their lesson, but they are losing power. Accusations of “racism”, “white supremacism”, “homophobia”, “anti-Semitism”, etc. aren’t the ostracizing factors they used to be. Anymore, most of us who identify with the “alt-right”, when we hear somebody accused of these things, no longer think “What a monster!” Our reaction now is “I’ve got to see this shit! What did this guy do to stir up such a hornet’s nest in the opposition media?”

And The “Stupid App Of The Year Award” Goes To…

Egalitarianism is bullshit. I don’t know what women think “equal” means, but this isn’t it. If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to be able to keep up. That means dealing with being interrupted without launching a campaign and getting somebody to build a silly app. Everybody gets interrupted; not just women. Oh yeah, and inventing stupid new words. We can play that game too: Bitchterruption (womanterruption is too long and sounds too stupid). Bitchsplaining.